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Years ago, we created Tyromania, a natural look tyre dressing that lasted far longer than traditional tyre dressings. But it had a matt/natural look so never had the success it deserved.

Then we discovered that it’s nothing short of amazing on external trim. In fact, it’s so good we shut down the label printer mid-reel and renamed it Taint it Black.

On new trim, just apply a thin coat, let it haze and buff it off a few minutes later. It then leaves behind a satin finish that lasts for months – not weeks. When we did a 50/50 test on black roof bars on a BMW estate, it was still visible 8 whole months later. (We’d normally expect at least 2-4 months minimum longevity).

On degraded, UV-damaged trim it’s arguably even better. Apply it more thickly and leave it longer to cure; the dense wax can then fill the microscopic damage without evaporating off like an oily dressing. And because it’s a black wax, the blackness re-blackens the original finish. It may not be quite as permanent or effective as getting a rattle can of black paint out, but for a temporary coating it’s a massive improvement and you won’t need to reapply it more than a few times a year.

Of course, you can still use it on tyres. Apply liberally to a dry tyre (ideally after using a tyre cleaner or degreaser) and then buff off the residue with an old lint-free rag a few minutes later. It will turn grey-brown tyres back to a natural charcoal colour that will then bead water for weeks to come. It won’t be super glossy, but it looks very classy and if you’re sick of applying tyre dressings every fortnight this could be the answer.

This 30ml jar is generally enough to sort at least one set of tyres, or all the black plastic trim on an average-sized car.

Apply Tyromania with a foam applicator, sponge offcut or rag – it will go black though, so don’t use anything that you want to keep looking pristine. And remember to buff it with a lint-free cloth if you apply it to tyres.

Note that we recommend the use of nitrile gloves when applying Taint it Black or you’ll end up with ‘chimney sweep’s fingernails’ due to the black residue. It does wash off, but you’ll need a lot of soap and water and a decent nailbrush. No worse than shoe polish, to be honest, but certainly not a good look if you’re a hand model for signet rings on QVC.