Bold Spice 100ml – Ilmefni

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Bold Spice was the forgotten sixth member of The Spice Girls, a rather vivacious filly who loved men’s aftershave and washing powder. Unfortunately, she wandered off in a large Tescos a few weeks before Wannabe, the minibus left without her and she was never seen again, missing out on global fame and success.

To commemorate her hidden involvement, we created this air freshener spray using the same fragrance as Blue Velvet wax. It’s sort of a dusky, blueberry spice kind of smell. A sophisticated aroma that’s neither too sweet or too obvious. If you can describe it better after a sniff or two, then please let us know. The best answer will receive an air hug via Zoom.

Usage-wise, it’s all quite straightforward… Just spray it under your front seats or into the footwell carpet if it’s dark in colour. A couple of squirts will keep your car smelling fresh for a few days. There’s enough in this 100ml bottle for about 20-30 applications… potentially months of aromatic cabin action.

Storage – car glovebox, door bin or central console storage compartment. Always to hand, always handy. Especially if you give a lift to aromatically-challenged family members or pets.

Please note that spray air fresheners may stain light coloured headlining and overspray droplets may cause shiny spots. So wipe away any neat residue that falls on hard surfaces and avoid spraying onto light fabrics or materials. You may be able to squirt into ventilation grills but this usually leaves a residue that needs to be wiped off afterwards. The choice, dear customer, is yours. We just make the stuff.