Pucker Up twin pack – Bónpúðar



Ever since we invented the excellent finger mitt foam wax applicators, we had a problem. They were just a bit too good for the more mundane duties, like applying tyre dressings (where invariably they become very dirty indeed).

So we looked around for a simpler, cheaper foam applicator that would do the job. And do it better than other cheap ‘puck’ foam pads and applicators.

And here it is: the Pucker Up foam applicator.

Made from soft, black foam, it’s ideal for applying dressings, polishes and other liquids to trim, tyres or paintwork. With a strapped design, you can grip it easily and feel the treated surface through the palm of your hand.

Our first choice for trim and tyre dressing applications, unless using a 30ml mini-jar of Taint It Black where a WaxApp finger mitt would be more appropriate.

To maintain, simply massage neat washing up liquid into the applicator pad under a running tap after use, then rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry. Foam applicators may become ‘weathered’ and torn after extended periods of normal use; they should be treated as wear items and replaced when necessary.