Pressure Squash 5 litres – Froðusápa



Pressure Squash is our dedicated pre-wash detergent for your pressure washer. It boosts the cleaning performance contactlessly – just like snow foam does, but without the dwell time and extensive rinsing.

Sounds great… but how does it work? Well it’s a relative of our All Purpose Cleaners (APCs) and Traffic Film Removers (TFRs) containing a blend of detergents and mild solvents and degreasers to remove grime on contact. When blasted out of a high pressure jet wash, this cleaning can be enhanced further.

You use it in one of two ways.

Either pour it out (neat, it comes at the correct dilution) into the dosing bottle of your pressure washer (if it has one) and turn the mixing dial to on. (If you don’t have a dosing bottle, the lance gun may come with one).

Or if your pressure washer has an additive suction hose, just unreel it and dunk it straight into the 5 litre container.

Then simply pre-wash your car as normal. Instead of plain water being fired from the gun, you’ll be sending a mildly foaming dirt-busting mixture towards the bodywork.

Try washing a dirty section of your car with and without the Pressure Squash feed. You’ll be seriously impressed by how much more dirt removal you’ll see with the additive being mainlined through your lance.