SKRUF SuperWhite #53 Fresh Mint Strong


The ever growing number of all-white products is astonishing and, of course, understandable since they are absolutely fantastic. Especially the Skruf Superwhite no.53 Fresh Mint Strong that has a delicious peppermint character where a mild sweetness is greeted by hints of salty salmiak. Salt has the same function in snus as it does in food – as flavour enhancer. As there are notes of mint in this product you will experience a cooling sensation and perhaps a light tingling feel. Your mouth will feel fresh all day!

The pouch sachets allow for optimal comfort and flavour/nicotine release. The incredible thing about them is their likeness to actual tobacco sachets. They feel and look like any other Swedish snus product, minus the tobacco. Instead, Skruf have manufactured this product using plant fibre! The absence of tobacco makes this the perfect product for those who wish to be discreet as it will neither stain your teeth nor drip.

Skruf always brings us new and exciting products to try out and love. Their craftsmanship shines through and every product they manufacture is of highest quality.

Weight / Net weight:39.00 g / 17.30 g

Strength:10 mg/pouch