SKRUF SuperWhite #58 Nordic Liquorice Xtra Strong


 Why do so many producers try to blend mint with another flavour? With emphasis on “try” (because it is hard to do so), the reason for combinations like in the Skruf Superwhite no.58 Nordic Liquorice Xtra Strong that ingeniously combines mint and liquorice is because they are just so delectable! This particular pouch is refreshing, salty, lightly sweet, rich, fresh and creamy thanks to its unique unification of two bestselling flavours – mint and liquorice.

The nicotine content of this Skruf pouch is high and kicks hard with its 13 mg/pouch, which is why it is most probably appreciated by users looking for that extra sense of strength. The pouches are also designed to be long-lasting, discreet, comfortable, and easy-to-use thanks to their slim shape and tobacco-free nature. You’ll find that there is no social setting that doesn’t allow for a Skruf pouch that is almost impossible to detect under the lip and will subtly provide for a freshening sensation in your mouth while no-one is the wiser.

Skruf’s many years’ of expertise certainly becomes clear when gazing over their wide assortment of flavours, strengths and product-types. Skruf will be there for you regardless of whether you want tobacco, high strength, no mint or whatever other combination you can dream of – Skruf has it all!

Weight / Net weight:38.00 g / 17.30 g

Strength:13 mg/pouch