Nasty Salt 10ML

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20mg nikótínsalt er í vökvanum

Bad Blood: The sweet earthy blackcurrant flavour mixed with low mint resulted in a superbly refreshing feel and clouds.

A$AP Grape: Black grape combined with ripe berry and other fruits alike produces this delicious grape juice.

Trap Queen: Delicious strawberry shisha flavour.

Fat Boy: Genius blend of ripe mango and exotic mango of the East.

Wicked Haze: blackcurrant and lemonade that creates an incredibly extraordinary exhale taste.

Slow Blow: pineapple layered with lime soda that will surely make you taste its freshness without getting bored!

Cush Man: You’ll never find another like this! It’s one of the best fruity Mango flavored e-juices.

Hippie Trail: A refreshing true sweet citrus experience with juicy lemon and lime.

Bronze: A simple yet delicious buttery blend of tobacco and caramel.

Silver: An exquisite blend of tobacco with subtle hints of vanilla custard on every inhale.

Gold Blend: Nasty Juice Tobacco Gold Blend. A specially crafted tobacco gold blend infused with rich tobacco and subtle hints of almonds for the perfect taste.

Sicko Blue: Nasty Juice Sicko Blue is a specially crafted flavour consisting of freshly plucked blue raspberries mixed with sweet ripe berries.

Menthol: Nasty Juice Menthol. A cold sensation with hints of sweetness providing you with a cool and refreshing taste.

Shisha Salts Grape Raspberry: Ripe Grapes were chosen specially for you, blended together with fresh, sweet and succulent raspberries.

Shisha Salts Green Grape: Crisp and sweet green grapes were plucked to make this combination possible. Rich flavours with subtle undertones of sourness for that delicious flavour.

Shisha Salts Lemon Mint: Juicy and citrusy lemons blended together with fresh mint leaves and hints of coolness.

Shisha Salts Double Apple: A delicious combination of sweet red apples, mixed together with sour green apples to tantalise your tastebuds.

Cushman Banana Salts: Mango Banana, A perfect blend and recreation of our famous Cushman Banana. Sweet Summer Ripe Mangos blended together with Banana for the perfect Salt Nic Hit.

Green Ape: A delicate mix of sweet and sour Green Apples to keep your tastebuds on the edge.

Fat Boy: A delicious combination of sweet Green Mangos to tantalise your tastebuds.

Devil Teeth: A delicious combination of ripe Honeydew Melon to satisfy your cravings.

Stargazing: Freshly picked sweet ripe Blueberries for your all day vape.

Bloody Berry: Fresh, ripe Raspberries combined with sweet and sour Lemonade. Perfect for all occasions.

Contains Koolada