Volcano 60ML

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Lemon Cake

Is fluffy with a sweet citrus flavor and drizzled with a refreshing zesty lemon glaze.

Blueberry Jam Tart

Is a tantalizing blueberry jam filling with a butter crumble and sprinkled with almond flakes. Served with a dollop of fresh cream, this dessert e-liquid is the ideal sweet treat.

Cola With Lime

Unmistakably tasty cola e-liquid is piqued with a fresh zingy lime flavor.

Blue Berg

Mouth-watering combination of fruit flavors and menthol for a cooling vape experience.

Mixed Berries

A fruity blend of mixed berries for a sweet vape experience.

Green Apple

Green Apple that tastes delicious!

Bubble Blue

Bubble gum flavor e-liquid has a amazing, light taste. Every vape is a celebration with this flavor.


Offers a strong strawberry fruit flavor