Deep Purple 1 litre spray – Felguhreinsir (pH hlutlaus)

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Colour-change wheel cleaners have been popular for a number of years because they’re pH-neutral, effective and show visible results. No need for ‘acid free’ caustic cleaners anymore.

But not all colour-change wheel cleaners are created equal…

Firstly, the cheaper ones are diluted. So you get less active ingredient for a slower colour change and less overall results. It may have looked appealing in that bottle size and at that price, but try it next to our Deep Purple or Ferrous Dueller iron removers and you’ll soon see the difference.

Secondly, we’ve created a full-spectrum wheel cleaner based on our best-selling Ferrous Dueller fallout remover. It’s thickened slightly for a longer dwell time and contains surfactants to remove road grime and dirt. Plus we added a little solvent to help soften tar spots that plague wheels, especially in the summer. It won’t remove them totally, especially if baked on, but it does help to have it in the recipe. This means the colour change may not be quite as intense or as rapid as with Ferrous Dueller because it’s a wider formulation, but it does make it MORE effective for dedicated wheel cleaning duties.

Available in a litre spray, the perfect bottle size. Just rinse your wheels with a pressure washer to remove loose dirt, spray Deep Purple onto the wheel face, spokes, barrel and rim, working it in with a wheel brush if needed, then leave for a few minutes for the colour change to take place. Once it’s all turned, well, deep purple, rinse it with water – your wheels should now be sparkly clean. If stubborn tar spots remain, tackle them with a dedicated tar remover like Tarmageddon.