Zone X Hot Beat Extra Strong


Zone X Hot Beat Extra Strong has a bold flavour for those who want something to spice up their rotation. With notes of spicy sriracha and sour lime, this is an eccentric flavour profile for those who want to raise the temperature. To match the heat is an extra strong nicotine strength, translating to 10 mg per pouch, ideal for those experienced users looking for an intense effect.

It is packaged in the most popular format to ensure everyone can enjoy this exciting flavour, slim. This silky portion will sit perfectly under your lip because it is small and compact, meaning it will both sit comfortably and unnoticeably, allowing you to experience this spicy flavour anywhere at any time. Moreover, they are tobacco-free, so don’t worry about bad breath or stained teeth ruining your experience but look forward to an immaculate oral feel instead.

Skruf Snus AB, producers of Zone X, spent 2 years developing this line using experts and consumers to test the products and, as a result, has produced this hard-hitting nicotine pouch brand and energising nicotine portion.

Weight / Net weight:30.00 g / 15.40 g

Strength:10 mg/pouch