Mint Condition 500ml Detaling spray



Mint Condition detailing spray cleans and shines all hard surfaces, making it a detailer’s best buddy, number one go-to product and absolute salvation.

If you need a single spray that does a bit of everything, this is the one.

Bodywork, painted trim, unpainted smooth trim, black textured trim, interior hard surfaces… all are gently cleaned and buffed to a smear-free shine.

After a wash, use it to gently remove contamination without affecting waxes or sealants that have been previously applied. On your walk around, its lubricated formulation is perfect for gently lifting the remains of bugs, bird mess and tar, without having to reach for a more aggressive cleaner. Think of it as a junior waterless wash, leaving surfaces clean, glossy and slick…

Or maybe use it after applying a wax or (non-ceramic) sealant for that final buff; it’s mild enough not to interfere with them during that final setting up stage and can help create a consistent finish.

And at shows, it’s a great ‘prep-and-pep’ spray to remove any dust and fingerprints throughout the day.

In fact, detailing spray is one of those products that once you start using it, you start to use it more and more, more and more frequently, on more and more things. And then you wonder how you ever lived without it…