Drynamo 1 litre – beading rinse aid (wash stage spray sealant, drying aid)



These kind of products have been known as anything from rinse aids to drying aids, drying detailers and wash sealants. All you really need to know is that they enhance water run-off and prevent it pooling on your car. This makes drying quicker and easier, and guess what? They also have a couple of further benefits:

Firstly, their relation to sealants means that they leave behind a small amount of lubrication to encapsulate remaining dirt and make swirl marks less likely. And because they leave behind a thin sealant film, your car also has a little extra gloss and protection – and is less likely to get quite as dirty as it would do normally (making it easier to clean next time). And even though your spraying Drynamo on then rinsing it off, this effect can last from 2-4 months.

After you’ve rinsed off Drynamo, disconnect the pressure washer and use an open hose to gather the remaining water beads on the bodywork and help them flow off. You will still have a few beads remaining but sometimes the panels will be so clear they’ll almost feel dry to the touch… And that’s when you get your drying towel, which now has half or less of the usual amount of standing water to remove.

Of course, something this good has to come with a few small issues.

Avoid the windscreen – any sealant applied to glass within the driver’s vision can become smeary in the rain and pose a hazard, so keep it to bodywork and side glass only. Also, it’s strong stuff, so make sure you rinse the car thoroughly after application. Never let it dry neat – you’ll find it could result in chalky residues, smears or even glossy spots. Rinse well and extensively, before drying the car carefully to level or remove any remaining residue. Finally, over time it may make your drying towel less absorbent – even though there’s less water to absorb, this can be annoying and you’ll need to soak your towel overnight in an APC solution or take it to the dry cleaners to restore its drying abilities back to normal. But for most detailers, all the above is a small price to pay for such overall awesomeness…