Barrel Brush – mjúkur microfiber felgu bursti



Long wheel brushes have always been a bit of a disappointment to us here at Dodo Towers. They’ve either been too scratchy, too pointy, flicked back wheel cleaner into your face or simply fell apart.

That’s why we’ve always used (and offered for sale) wheel cleaning mitts and smaller ‘pencil’ brushes – until now.

That’s right. We’ve discovered the Holy Grail of Long Wheel Brushes.

The perfect combination of softness, durability and effectiveness. A plastic, non-scratch handle with a soft grip at one end and a plush deep pile microfibre at the other (the same soft microfibre you’ll find used for our synthetic wash mitts).

Almost half a metre long, the Barrel Brush can sneak inside the spokes of your allow wheel and clean deep inside the wheel barrels. The microfibre brush head is large enough to carry cleaning solution yet small enough to edge around brake discs and into areas that are usually out of bounds.

And being microfibre, it won’t rot like wool wheel brushes. Just give it a thorough rinse after use and leave it to dry. Simple.

Use it in conjunction with our Deep Purple and Ferrous Dueller wheel cleaners for best effect.